Collection of illustrations "Habakooki"

My collection "Habakooki" is my little adventure with pencils under the midnight lamp. All works from this serie are black and white mixed media art illustrations. I felt in love with using a real vintage papers for this project. I have been inspired by somehow caffé noir feelings and Tim Burton-ish style. 

"Floating Factory"
"Marilyn Mouse II."

"John Riddle"

"Floating Factory II."

"Marilyn Mouse I."

Digital art | Collection Dream Garden

Handpainted t-shirt "Alive Life IV."


Abstract painting "Streets of feelings"

Very old digital art "Cats in Wonderland"

For music band Ľahká Múza

Art doll brooch "Edgar Allan Poe"

Special edition of handmade jewelry featuring my art

Handmade jewelry I have handcrafted from start to finish. All pieces are featuring my own art. It was a great fun to make these! Full edition could be seen HERE.